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Green Stuff World RUST Liquid Pigments - Verdigris
Green Stuff World RUST Liquid Pigments - Verdigris
1 290 Ft

Green Stuff World RUST Liquid Pigments - Verdigris

A Green Stuff World akril vízbázisú, mérgeztő anyagoktól mentes airbrush művész festék. Ecsettel és airbrussal való felhordáshoz egyaránt alkalmas. Airbrushoz akrillhígító használata szükséges. 17Ml-es kiszerelésben.
Green Stuff World
1 290 Ft
A Green Stuff World EARTH Liquid Pigments akril effekt kiválló választás.
Liquid Pigments
This product has been especially designed to create weathering effects similar to those achieved through powdered pigments, but have the benefit of not needing a pigment fixer to bind them.
They are ideal for creating light dusty and earthy effects, industrial dirt, rust marks and others by applying filters on different areas of the model.
They don't necessarily substitute the traditional method of powdered pigments since, depending on the desired effect, both can complement each other and be used in unison for different effects.
Fast drying and with a matt finish, their use is a lot easier than the traditional method of using pigments and fixers.
Valid for brush and airbrush.
Non-toxic waterbased paints. Non-flammable. No latex.
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